christiane. twenty one. canada. shinee. f(x). bangtan. vixx. you’ve always been there to protect me; because you’ve taken the criticism that I should receive; you have shielded me without a word and now i will reflect you like a mirror.

"f(x) is mathematic symbol and when you input different ‘x’, you can have different outcomes. So as f(x), we want to be the kind of group that can change and adapt to many situations.” ─ Krystal

Track: I Did It
Artist: SPICA
Album: I Did It - Single
Plays: 51591
ace - lyric breakdown

34/100 random gifs of my ultimate bias. 

Blue night radio 14 / 09 / 20
  1. J: I used to cry a lot since I was young. my mother used to say 'you're a guy, why are you crying like this?'
  2. J: then i asked "so guys aren't humans?" and cried even more
  3. tr: vanilahaato

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